Air Ambulance Services

Ambulance services in Chennai is a well-known and famous service that is being provided by our government of Tamilnadu. But many are not aware of it at all; they are not even familiar with the easiest toll free number that has been provided by our government. I’m here to discuss in detail about that famous service. I will be telling you in depth about all the major social issues that are happening in Chennai, not only here but also throughout India. I guess this is the right place to show off such issues and problems.

Okay let me start with the Ambulance service. The ambulance service is the free service that is offered by many government and private hospitals as a service to the citizens of the nation. And the best part in that is all these services are offered at totally free of cost. Like how the road way ambulance services are famous in India a service called the Air ambulance services are more famous in the highly developed countries.

One day such services will be famous in India too I guess, but it will surely take more time. I came across a brutality event that occurred in the road side in Bangalore highways when I recently visited city. An Old citizen was being abused by her own family. On seeing that my eyes start showering. After a long struggle I rushed with her to one of the nearest Old age homes in Bangalore.

Like the ambulance services that are offered by the individual districts there should be at least one Old age home service mounted by individual government for the safety of the senior citizen. Though the government are offering them with one thousand rupees as a stipend to them, one can’t make sure that the amount is utilized by them to the fullest. Typically the answer is No. Because many are looted by their guardians. These situations should change eventually. If you are happen to see any elderly person are happen to indulge in such situation do intimate the nursing home like the Old age homes in Bangalore to make them get back their life.

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