Benefits of Open Source ERP Software

Benefits of Open Source ERP Software

Open Source ERP Software popularity is rising due to the many advantages it offers as equated to the commercial Enterprise Resource Planning. Advantages come from its common intelligence. The necessary upgrades can be achieved by any programmer unrelatedly of the business relationship and moneys. Many businesses are choosing for Open Source ERP software to avoid the drawbacks and limits of the commercial ERP software. The Open Source resolves issues like powerful version improvements, high certifying fees, high managing costs and others. It is more comfortable and therefore chosen nowadays. This idea has done away with the certificate fees and this has been one of the reasons of ERP software recognition.

Reasons of Open Source ERP popularity:

  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced Requirement on Retailer
  • Ease of Use
  • Flexibility
  • Training
  • Security

Reduced costs:

Executed of Enterprise Resource Planning software system needs a lot of time and investment. A major economical has to be planned and kept sidewise for the best ERP software execution. With open source ERP software, these costs have significantly minimized. There are no heavy certificate fees to be paid and the software source code is also existing. With the accessibility of the source codes, changes become simpler.

Reduced Requirement on Retailer:

This is another purpose for Open Source ERP software popularity as the retailer requirement is minimized. The software source code are exists which makes it simple for the business. It can make the necessary changes and modifications essentially on its own without depending on the retailer. The source code is like a controller for the organization and it minimizes the smashes between the retailer and the organization.

Ease of Use:

Open Source ERP Software knowledge is simple to use and recognize. It maintains the methods simply thereby making it simple for the small businesses to execute ERP software. It is also helpful for people from the same businesses.


ERP Software popularity has maximized because of its elasticity. The Open source ERP software makes it probable to select the ERP software source codes according to the requirements for partial request. The rest of the code which are not necessary can be discounted.


No proper training is essential for running an Open Source ERP software request. It can be simply agreed and learnt during working different with some placement program. It is comparatively simple and therefore needs no official training.


It doesn’t want to take everything below the public area, making it less dangerous and safe.

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