BPO Companies in India

Reasons for Why BPO companies in India are Chosen for Outsourcing

The Business Process Outsourcing Companies in India are becoming the first preference for MNCs across the world to outsource their projects. Among the numbers of BPO companies round the globe, India is being the preferred choice.

There are many reasons to favor Indian BPO companies. The BPO sector in India is fast growing. This has given rise to many IT companies to emerge across the nation. Some of the remarkable reasons for why Outsourcing Companies in India is chosen are:

  • Mitigation of business risk
  • Growing infrastructure
  • Economy of scale
  • Cost advantages
  • Availability of human resources
  • Investor friendly tax structure
  • Unique geographical location
  • 24/7 services and more

Among the competitors like Ireland, Philippines, China and Australia, India is still on top position to be chosen as the preferred destination to outsource projects. Availability of good English speaking candidates and professional at cheap labor cost is the core reason for the boom in BPO sector in India.

Besides all, the quality orientation is another remarkable factor for why India is on top position for BPO outsourcing.

Other Strong Factors Favoring Indian Outsourcing Companies:

Besides the above-said factors for why Payroll Outsourcing Services and BPO companies in India are chosen, here follow a few more strong factors to favor India BPO companies:

  • Proficiency in official language – English
  • Solid history in technology and software development
  • Complete support and encouragement from the government
  • Advantages of low cost in every aspect
  • Strong tertiary education
  • Skilled and talented workforce
  • Quality assurance
  • Expertise in advanced technologies
  • Excellent entrepreneurship
  • Amazing technical innovations
  • Creations of many global brands
  • Reverse brain drain
  • Long-term relationships with the investors
  • Tremendous growth in the Indian domestic market

Types of Services Offered by BPO Companies in India:

The BPO companies in India offer various types of services and they serve as the single stop solution to the entire outsourcing requirements. Some of the major services offered by the BPO and HR Outsourcing companies are:

  • Customer Support: 24/7/365 days customer support services are offered both in terms of outbound and inbound call center services. These services are offered to address the queries from the customers through email, phone and live chat
  • Telemarketing: This includes interacting with the targeted population or potential customers to increase their interest for the products or services. This is more promotional focusing to increase the sales and revenues
  • Technical support: This service features providing installation support, product support, troubleshooting, computer software problem resolution, running support, internet infrastructure and more
  • IT Helpdesk services: This includes answering queries regarding product usage, perform remote diagnostics, resolve system problems and technical problems
  • Processing insurance: This service features processing claims, promotion of insurance products, new business acquisition, policy management and maintenance
  • Data processing and Data Entry: This includes data entry from e-books, images, yellow pages, printed documents, receipts, catalogs, mailing lists, business cards and more
  • Data Conversion: Conversion of data for word processors, software applications, spreadsheets, and data conversion of HTML, PDF, Word, Acrobat formats and more

Some of the other major services offered by the BPO companies are:

  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Form processing
  • Online research and more

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