Canada Immigration Process Steps

Canada is one of the best and most beautiful destinations in the world. It is a home to a very large immigrant community, a majority being Indians.

A few years back, the IRCC, Canada’s top immigration body set up the Express Entry program.

Express Entry Program

This was designed to provide smooth and easy passage into Canada for immigrants who wish to live in the country as permanent residents. You may visit, Best Immigration Consultants in Chennai to know more.

Recently the IRCC announced that it is looking out for even more immigrants into the country.

First Step:

As a first step, you have to create the express entry profile. The important thing to always keep in mind is that whatever information you provide in your Express Entry profile should be completely true and must be verifiable through actual documents.

Second Step:

The next step is to gather the documents. Your documents are the only proof for depicting that all the information you provide in your profile is genuine and be legally relied on.

In case you provide wrong information, your application will most likely be rejected and you might be barred from making another immigration application for the next 5 years. Hence, you should pay attention while filling in the details and ensure that is supported by the documents.

Third Step:

And next you have to get a CRS score, the comprehensive ranking system is designed to provide a score to each profile which forms the basis for selection of candidates.

The major conditions that need to be met when considering your CRS score are your age, work, education, work experience, language ability, and family in Canada etc.

Each of these factors is given a certain point score that forms the basis for final selection for the invitation to apply for a PR visa to Canada.

CRS score

Since your CRS score is the one and only major factor for selection into the Express Entry program, you have to maximize it as much as you can. With the huge competition that exists for each position in every Express Entry draw, it is no surprise that many people who apply for the immigration process by themselves have to wait for years to get selected.

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