GRE Test Preparation

Students takes GRE to continue their Masters in abroad. GRE General test is a Compauter-based as well as Paper-based Test which has the Following sections:

  1. Verbal ability
  2. Quantitative Ability and
  3. Analytical Writing

People can also take GRE Subject Test for the Categories like Biology, Chemistry, English, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology, Bio Chemistry and so on.

The Best Time to start the GRE Test Preparation is during the Final Semester of your UG.

Generally, you may be aware of Mathematical terms and Formulae since Childhood. Of course You might have been Practiced during your SAT Exam.  But Considering GRE, One should concentrate more on Verbal part rather than Quant. Verbal needs lots and lots of Practice. An aspirant should be Confident with his or her Vocabulary skills and learn 15 to 20 GRE Words regularly.In terms of RC, One should be aware of What is not asked as well as not Mentioned in the given passage.

What is the correct combination of GRE ,TOEFL, LORs for ivy league admit?

An Ivy League admit is prestigious and you can surely secure your place if you have a good academic record in general. As far as your GRE & TOEFL scores are concerned, anything above a 320 in GRE and above 100 in TOEFL is looked upon favorably. Though this will only help you get through the first round of admissions . The winning advantage comes from having a convincing Statement of Purpose (SOP). A SOP is a document that you must write explaining how an admission into the university will help you achieve your goals. You must also provide sufficient evidence to explain how you have been working towards that goal or why you choose to pursue it now. If you are switching streams, then a persuasive story is important. Never copy SOP essays from your seniors or write a generalized one. Modify it according to every university you are applying to.

Another important document is your Letter of Recommendations (LORs). An ideal combination would be from employers/professors you have worked under who can comment on your technical skills as well as your professional behavior. While SOP is a statement YOU make about yourself, an LOR is a document confirming that you are actually all that you claim to be a person of authority.

What are the resources to use for preparing for GRE?

There are plenty of resources that you can use for your GRE preparation. Let’s start with self-study, for doing that you need to have complete dedication because you won’t be guided or looked by someone while doing preparation and the material that you use should be chosen with utmost care like using the ones which are best suitable to the kind of need you have or the type of study you do. Then next mode of preparation that you can use is the coaching classes where you can have someone to teach you and take tests on a regular basis, this method is somewhat useful, but the drawback associated with this type of method is that there is no one to one guidance associated with it. Then comes the online mode of preparation where there are many websites from which you can seek for material and give the free mock test. And also, there are many online academies which provide assistance in the preparation of GRE where you can study with the use of videos and even with personalized trainers who take complete care of your study plan and preparation.

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