Hydroponics Researches in India

The present agricultural field of our country is going under a certain crisis like land pollution, land infertility, water pollution, water scarcity, past infections, climatic conditions and so on. Most of the farmers are committing suicide because they are not able to do agriculture as agriculture is their only source of life. As many farmers commit suicide, most of the people who belong to the agricultural family has left the field and are working for low wages in many cities. Only a few people are doing agriculture now and they also face many loss and little profit. This situation can be changed if the hydroponics method of agriculture is practiced by the farmers. Hydroponics farming is the cultivation method where no soil is needed and the plants are grown in water containing minerals and nutrients. As all the energy needed for the plants are given directly, they give high yield and profit in less period of time.

Hydroponics farming in India is a new concept for our people though it is profitable. People of our country are getting aware of hydroponics and they are ready for testing hydroponics farming method in small-scale level which gives them better results. Most of the people of our country have started doing home hydroponics as it is simple and easy to maintain a home garden without any effort and heavy labor. A single person with correct knowledge about hydroponics is enough to maintain and take care of a small hydroponics garden in a home.

In foreign countries, hydroponics researches plant many varieties of flowers, fruits, and vegetables in hydroponics method of cultivation and they also gain from it. In India, our researchers are testing with the fruits and vegetables which are more essential and are commonly used by all categories of people so that everyone can be benefited by the method. Hence vegetables like tomatoes, ladies finger, brinjals, peppermint and the like are the most cultivated hydroponics plants in India.

Hydroponics technologies in India are getting popular among the people. There are many hydroponics centers in important big cities of our country. Future farms are one of the well-known and large-scale hydroponics companies in India. Future farms have well trained and well-experienced people in hydroponics field as they can guide the common people in right way in doing hydroponics. Hydroponics equipment is also supplied in such hydroponics centers.

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