Payroll Management System and Payroll Services

Today, Outsourcing is the Fast growing trend. There are many Outsourcing Companies in India, which offer you Outsourcing Services for Non-Core Business activities like HR & Payroll, Debt and so on.

Find the useful information about Payroll and its Benefits.

Payroll software deals with financial aspects of an Employee’s Pay, Deductions, Bonus and other Allowances, Gross and net pay etc. Payroll Processing is a routine task to manage the Employee’s pay in an Organization.

Only an Organization has the Authority to work with the Payroll System. The employee has the Privilege to see their Current status.

Payroll software is easy to implement. Other Benefits of Payroll Software are its Extensive Features and Report generation facility.

Smart Value, the Payroll Management System is one of the Resourceful Payroll software that provides a Hassle free Process in Organizing the Payroll related functions in to a flexible GUI Interface. Initially, Payroll Software is configured to produce the Payroll on the basis of the Company and its Branches.

As a point of Inception, This software acquires the input of the registered entities within the Company along with their Salary as per the Management’s requirements.

This Payroll Process is highly skillful in categorizing the Data generated as the  per the user’s needs and provides the module wise access to handle the Payroll.


Create Employee records

Delete Employee records and

Save Employee records.


Payroll software has User-friendly and Customizable interface.

Used to store the up-to-date information of the Employees.

Identify the Revenue leakages through the accurate Attendance data.

Payroll Management System is non-redundant and saves our time

Easy to upload the Data comparing Manual system.

Automated Payroll Taxes through Payroll software are highly effective.

Payroll Software is compatible with other Software like Human Resource Management System and Leave Management System as well.

Manage employee details productively.

Define the Leave, Hours worked and other details related to Employee.

Generate the Pay-slip at one click Convenience and easy to preview

Manage an Employee’s Payroll Process according to the Salary Structure.

Generates the steadfast Reports related to employee’s Payroll, Attendance, etc.

Synchronous   with Bio-metric devices to track the attendance efficiently.

Your Data are secured.

Payroll Services

Advantages of Outsourcing the Payroll Services:

Outsourcing   the Non-Core activities gives an Organization, sufficient time to Sustain their Core Business Process.

The Vendors have Technical requirements and qualified resources better than the Outsourcing Organization.

Outsourcing helps an Organization to shift certain part of Business process to the Outsourced Vendors. As Vendors are highly Qualified, they plan the mitigate the Risk better.

Outsourcing prevents the Recruitment costs.


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