Time management in IAS Exam

If you want to succeed a posting in the Indian Administrative Service, you have to do something extraordinary in your life. Ask yourself that whether you have achieved anything? If not, find what could lead you to success. All the successful person would ask to themselves at one point of their lifetime, which will be their turning point. The key to achieving success in their life is Time Management.

Most of the youngsters around us are wasting their time in watching movies, roaming with friends, playing games, gossiping, etc. don’t always blame them, then why they can’t achieve anything in their life. Students do not focus on the right things. Because of the overload in their education, they think that they are busy in their studies, it is not true that students are utilizing their time effectively in studies. They need to learn how to manage their time.

Manage your day to have a better time log activity, which helps you to track your daily task. Split every day into one-hour interval for a period of two weeks. Examine your daily activity. Once you have tracked your time log you will find that you are spending more time for less priority task and taking more time on coffee break, phone calls, and chatting. After you analyze all these try to reduce those unnecessary things. Once you stop your activities you find your level of preparation increase. This will help you to increase your IAS Exam preparation.

While preparing for the IAS Exam make sure that you cover all the exam syllabus. You will appear in the multiple choice question in your first round, you have to manage your time in that round. Choose the subject which you will score high marks, join any Top 10 IAS Academy in Chennai to get quality material and training from the experienced trainers.

General knowledge plays a key role in your IAS Exam in the first round, improve your GK by reading the daily newspaper, watching the news and reading books. Don’t always be bookish you will not get questions from books alone.improve your personality which is quite important.

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