Types Of Steel Used In Construction

Steel is known for its incomparable durability and strength characteristics. It is simply an alloy of carbon, iron and various other materials. They have distinct properties of structural integrity and high tensile strength. The Steel Suppliers in Chennai say that it is one of the core materials required for the construction of houses. The main reason why steel reinforcement is of extreme importance in building construction is because of its characteristic of bonding well with concrete. 

Types Of Steel Used In Construction:

Structural Steel:

Structural steel is another one of the popular kinds of steel used in construction which is mainly used to give a structure or base to a building. It is available in different shapes and specifications like channel sections, T-Shaped, plate type, I-beam, or rod type. This steel is a more environmentally friendly recyclable option that works easily with a variety of designs.

Light Gauge Steel:

This steel is made from thin sheets based on particular standards. Their studs and joists are readily available in the shops. They are conveniently workable to make a steel frame system with cold deformed steel. This is one of the different kinds of steel utilized in construction for making flooring with MS chequered plate. Using light gauge steel in composite panels, facades, and for different cladding solutions is remarkable. 

Mild Steel:

Mild steel is simple carbon steel. It is known for its strength and is the most popularly used steel for construction. This steel is used for both modern and conventional bolted pre-engineered buildings. It has good crack resistance and weldability and hence serves the purpose very well. 

Rebar Steel:

Rebar steel reinforces the structure affixing well with concrete. They are used in the form of a mesh of steel wires for constructing purposes. The tensile strength gets improved here and it can be made from extremely long lengths. 

Thus, a SAIL TMT Bar is also commonly used in Reinforced Concrete (RCC) structures. Apart from RCC, it is yet another one of the major kinds of steel used in construction. So, the application is numerous from reinforcing bars and steel sheet products, internal fixtures to non-structural and structural sections in buildings.

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