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Nowadays, parents are afraid of their children’s education right from the early stages of their life. Parents think that should give a right education with the good atmosphere and environment for a better future. There are many playschools are available. The best is Play School in Velachery it gives good care and pleasant atmosphere for your children. From this, children get a good environment for a better future and also for their educations.


First, the classrooms are filled with toys, crafts, and they paint some pictures on the walls. This kind of things which normally attracts the kids. The staffs teach new games for the children. They took good care of your children. Normally, the staffs teach good manners for the children and how to behave with the others and also in outside places. They provide some materials to make something and keep encourage and motivates them.

The preschools do not have any educational guides. They just want to think the children’s to make comfortable and happy to have in the playschools. Generally, they provide some skills to teach their children. They teach about the numbers, letters, shapes, colors, drawing, gluing, and how to share with others and with their friends. They started to teach how to write numbers and letters. The staffs asked the students to sort the objects and they choose correctly they give some prizes to just motivate and encourage them. They also teach the calendars of the day, month, week, and the year. Suddenly, they transform the activity from one to another activity.


Outdoor games, the physical activity make the children more happy, joyful, and enthusiastic. Playing a game makes children more enthusiastic and they mostly love to play games. They provide balls, rings, running competitions, just make them jump, skipping, and they also make shopping in one foot. This kind of games make the children happier and feel joy. The school mention some special activities. Preschool in Velachery is the best place for the children to admit for the good and peaceful environment and make good care for our children.

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