Reasons To Choose A Bridal Saree Over A Lehenga

Every girl’s dream is to wear her favorite on her big day. A wedding is an auspicious moment in every person’s life, and everyone wants it to be the best moment in life. Hence, brides go through a series of trails and makeovers to look picture perfect on their wedding day. However, the foremost thing that the bride checks out is the outfit for the day. Some brides choose lehenga and some choose Kanchipuram sarees. Both the attire makes the bride look more elegant and classy. But, the silk sarees will enhance the beauty of the bride and fill the environment with richness. Hence, in this post, some reasons are listed below to choose a silk saree over a lehenga.

Glorious outfit:

Nowadays, brides choose gowns for their wedding and reception as well. But, bridal sarees are the most glorious outfit and classic material. There is no wedding collection without a silk saree. It is hard to beat the glory of the silk when compared to other wedding outfits. The fabric itself stands for its royalness and grandeur. The silk sarees give comforts and a luxurious feel. It is interesting to know that Assamese brides wear white silk saree with red borders for their wedding.

Various draping styles:

Unlike lehenga, the silk saree allows the brides to drape the outfit in various styles. The different draping styles are Bengali atpoure shari, pleated saree, floaty drape, Gujarati style, pant style, dhoti style, belted saree, and many more. Hence, according to the bride’s requirements, a saree can be draped in different ways. The silk saree gives more freedom and allows the bride to experiment with the fabric.

Traditional jewellery:

At weddings, parents or relatives pass on their traditional jewellery to the brides. This jewellery has an antique look and is not suitable for the lehengas. The lehengas have many outstanding works and arts on them. Hence, traditional jewellery does not go well with the lehengas. Therefore, silk sarees with golden work are an excellent combination with traditional jewellery.

Frequent usage:

The advantage of wearing a silk saree is it can be worn frequently and for all celebrations. The reusability of the lehengas is the biggest concern because of their stone and embroidery works. On the other hand, silk sarees are more flexible and even suitable for religious festivals.

The wedding silk sarees below 10000 have fine quality silk and are suitable for the wedding day. Hence, consider the tips shared in the post to make a wise decision.

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