Use of Selenium Training at FITA Academy

selenium-trainingThe most powerful web application testing tool is nothing but the Selenium. This tool helps the testing professionals to complete their testing operation in no time. The usage of selenium is not limited with that, if one would like to explore it lot using selenium training in Chennai there are room for them in reputed training Institute like FITA. In this article we will be seeing the usage of selenium training in detail. It is being served as an alternate as Unit testing tool in case of Java Script. In selenium there are multiple modes of operation they are,

  • Record Play Back
  • Remote Control
  • Test Runner

In the first mode the Selenium IDE is alone used for recording the actions used for running a web application. This is compatible for Firefox (one of the popular browser) and the actions are saved in the forms of test cases. The in-depth knowledge about this operation can be learned under selenium testing training in Chennai.

In the second mode of operation, first of all the suit opens multiple browsers and then runs the applications that is stored as test cases in different programming language. This will help the testing professionals to explore additional issues that arise within the test case and the web operation. If you are being trained by the experts with at least three to five years of experience, you can ripe most out of the selenium training Chennai program.

The last one differs from the above mentioned two methodologies; here the test cases are recorded in the form of HTML tables. Additionally in this mode, one will get possibilities to run both the above mentioned two modes such as Selenium IDE and Remote Control test cases. This helps the testing person to verify the results in a different aspect. All these are possible only with the help of best selenium training in Chennai.

Not just theory or even some virtual class sessions won’t make you feel like a professional in Selenium testing. You must be trained in the right way with 100% practical classes, and that is possible to experienced training institutes like FITA. Join selenium training institutes in Chennai such as FITA for a better advancement in your career. At FITA you will get proper placement assistance to get placed in a company of your choice. Just contact the counsellor for a discussion on Selenium testing course in Chennai.

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