Wedding Planners In Chennai

Wedding Planners In Chennai

Selecting and planning your wedding theme is one of the most fun and creative parts of wedding planning. Wedding Planners In Chennai can select a special theme and take responsibility to decorate your wedding space. Wedding themes can precise the imagination of the bride and groom,    can re-create any setting, from ancient Greece to an underwater paradise.


Cinderella theme is most common in this set, there are plenty of other options. Cinderella themes can be carried out with such props as a glass slipper favours, a carriage wedding cake and a horse and carriage to draw the joyful couple away to the reception.

Colour schemes:

From black and gold to silver and white, or even red and pink for Valentine theme, colour schemes are a fairly easy and actual way to produce a theme for your wedding. You can colour coordinate your bridesmaids’ dresses, the flowers and ribbons, and even the table decorations.


Whether you go with beautiful tropical flower arrangements or a sandy beach theme, a tropical wedding theme lets your guests to feel as if they’re being stirred away to a tropical paradise. Complement certain bamboo torches and the illusion is complete.


Weddings are occasions where a bride can indulge the little girl inside, wearing a fantasy dress and planning a magical celebration. Many brides generate a fantasy wedding, and there are endless possibilities here. From employing a magician to tallying sparkles or bows, you can do whatever in this category, as long as it accomplishes your imaginations.


From confetti to favours, from napkins to centrepieces, incorporating a butterfly theme is fanciful and charming. Pin little butterflies on the walls, offer little butterfly pins. We have also seen this completed with dragonflies or fairies.

Diamonds are forever:

Complement some sparkle and style to your celebration with a diamond theme. Tiny diamond shaped glossy confetti, diamond ring ornaments or key chains for favours, and a bubbly fountain will help you get started. You can similarly do this with other gems.

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